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What to do now?

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In summary.

Bloodborne Pathogens:  Post-Exposure Control Plan


Even with the most meticulous care, a bloodborne exposure from a contaminated instrument can, and will most probably happen in the clinical dental setting.  This course is designed to educate all members of the dental staff in the necessary steps required for OHSA compliance and employee safety in the case of a bloodborne exposure event.


This course provides a template for the process after a clinical team member has been exposed to a blood contaminated instrument in the office.  Prevention of missteps in every day safety, as well as the documentation of the event, are outlined in a step by step approach.  The course teaches the process by addressing practical office preparedness, clinical protocols, and best practice procedures to ensure that all required steps “post exposure” are complete.  And best of all, you and your office have peace of mind that required steps are completed and documented properly.