The Dental Learning

Part 1 (13:13)
CDC & OSHA, Handpieces,
Disease Transmission

Part 2 (6:47)
Safety Culture, Hepatitis,
Personal Protection

Part 3 (11:51)
Steps in the
Sterilization Process

Part 4 (4:23)
Post Exposure Protocols,
Handwashing, Gloves

Part 5 (9:25)
Sharps, Waterlines,
MSDS Fact Sheets,
Office Housekeeping


Infection Control - OSHA

This new video, Infection Control - OSHA, is designed to review materials necessary for license renewal for dental professionals. Dental staff who need a refresher course in clinical infection control will also benefit from this video course. 

The video is in 5 sections. Sections can be replayed or reviewed as necessary. This video course is suitable for all members of the dental team. This purchase includes unlimited access to the online video and the online CE exam.

The course materials include:

·Current OSHA & CDC Regulations
·Sterilization Technique
·Chain of Infection / Bloodborne Pathogens
·Exposure Prevention Methods / PPE
·Practical In-Office Resources
·Best Practices for Error Prevention

Course Objectives:

·Identify OSHA & CDC regulations for Infection Control in Dentistry.
·Know updated guidelines for Post Exposure Management.
·Know the role of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
·Understand the patient's view of the clinical setting.
·Know the importance of hand hygiene.
·Describe the steps in sterile instrument processing technique.

Presenter: Howard J. Pactovis, D.M.D.

Howard Pactovis, DMD, lectures nationally on OSHA Compliance and Infection Control in the clinical setting. He has directly provided infection control services and programs to over 1,000 dental offices. Dr. Pactovis has been involved in numerous OSHA inspections of dental offices, and offers practical advice for dental offices to achieve complete compliance with OSHA and CDC regulations. In addition, Dr. Pactovis has served as an expert witness in infection control litigation cases for State Boards of Registration in Dentistry, and has successfully represented dental offices in the appeal of sanctions from OSHA. Dr. Pactovis is the Director of Education for the Academy of Dental Learning.