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Part 1 (17:00)
Cleaning, Packaging & Sterilization of Dental Instruments.

Part 2 (28:00)
This machine has no brain, use your own!




This course in cleaning, packaging, sterilization and disinfection of contaminated instruments is designed for all dental personnel who handle instruments in a clinical setting.  The course includes a step-by-step review of proper clinical technique to be proficient in the instrument handling process during the sterilization process.  In six steps, the various dental staff will be in compliance with the sterilization process.


In the video portion, the viewer will see and hear examples of the methods for cleaning and sterilization.  The course includes emphasis on PPE or Personal Protection Equipment for dental staff  to keep proper compliance with OSHA standards.


This course is intended to develop skills with use of the step-by-step process for compliance, and also to comply with State and Federal guidelines for sterilization in a clinical dental setting.


Dr. Howard Pactovis, the founder of Dynamic Dental Safety (DDS), is dedicated to providing continual compliance with all Federal and State guidelines.  His DDS team is committed to providing the highest-quality, safety services for the dental community. Dr. Pactovis makes himself personally accessible to all, and to educate your entire staff regarding the value of following the recommended standards of OSHA, CDC and Infection Control Standards and HIPAA.

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