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02-5631-20019: Wound Healing: A New Understanding of the Drama

Course Description:

Contact Hours (CE): The Academy of Dental Learning and OSHA Training, LLC, designates this activity for 2 continuing education credits (2 CEs).
Cost: $30.00
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Published: October 2012
Updated June 2020
Expires July 2023
Pages: 31
Course Instructor: Kristine Krafts, MD
No conflicts of interest are reported by the author or by educational planning committee members.

Educational Objectives

  • List the main cells and their roles in wound healing.
  • List the primary growth factors involved in tissue repair.
  • Understand the messages growth factors sent to healing tissues.
  • Describe the way cells are able to “hear” instructions using receptor- mediated signaling.
  • Explain why the extra-cellular matrix is critical to wound healing.
  • Understand the difference between tissue regeneration and scarring.
  • Predict if healing will take place along the regeneration or scarring pathway.
  • Know the differences between first-intention and second-intention healing.
  • Understand the three phases of the wound healing.
  • Describe local and systemic factors that may impede wound healing.
  • Name the single most important cause of delayed wound healing.
  • Identify two forms of abnormal wound healing.

Course Description

As living beings, we encounter every kind of traumatic event from paper cut to dental extraction to myocardial infarction. We must possess ways to heal damaged tissues to survive. While some animals are able to regrow complete body parts following injury (such as the earthworm who grows a new head following bisection), humans are sadly incapable of such feats. Our means of recovery following tissue damage consists largely of repair rather than pure regeneration. Thousands of times in our lives, a meticulously scripted but unseen wound healing drama is enacted, with cells serving as actors, extra-cellular matrix as the setting, and growth factors as the means of communication. This course presents the main features of this fascinating drama as it is enacted in healthy patients, and describes ways in which the drama ends badly and healing is not achieved.

About the Authors

Kristine Krafts, M.D. is an Assistant Professor of Pathology at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine and School of Dentistry. Before deciding to teach full time, Dr. Krafts completed a pathology residency and fellowships in hematopathology and molecular pathology.

Ms. Wright is a continuing education editor and writer as well as a Temp PRN with agencies in the Washington State area. Ms. Wright earned her MS at the UNM and Pierce College of Washington State in 1997 and certification in Utilization of the 970 Diode Laser and Safety in Dentistry in February of 2015. Ms. Wright works to implement Dental Education seminars as a Hospital-Dental Liaison building collaborative, mutual efforts to promote patient wellness between medical practitioners and dentists while prioritizing care for untreated, medially compromised patients.

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Contact Hours: 2.00
Price: $30.00

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