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ADA CERP - Continuing Education Recognition Program

Academy – Dental Learning & OSHA Training (ADL) is an ADA CERP Recognized provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. Concerns or Complaints about a CE provider may be directed to the provider or to ADA CERP at Conflict of Interest Disclosure: ADL does not accept promotional or commercial funding in association with its courses. In order to promote quality and scientific integrity, ADL's evidence-based course content is developed independent of commercial interests. Refund Policy: If not 100% satisfied with your courses, contact our office by telephone (800) 522-1207 or email, for a full refund.

Dental Board of California Registered Provider (RP5631). Click here for our approval certificate.

6-15 All Compliance Courses

Package Description:

This package includes all of our online compliance courses at a large discount. This package is NOT available for mail order.

You have 12 months in which to complete each course one time.

Please note that you may not need all courses to meet your requirements as some courses are state specific. When new courses are added or existing courses updated they will automatically be added to your compliance package.

NOTE: This package does NOT include our UGOTCLASS certificate programs.

Total Credits: 90.00
Price: $250.00

Included Courses:



06-5631-20021 Medical Emergencies Management and Risk Management: Medical Error Prevention
06-5631-19003 Advanced Radiology
02-5631-20020 Risk Management: Prevention of Medical Errors in the Dental Practice
02-5631-19013 OSHA Dental: Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Annual Review
02-5631-19004 Essential Tips for Dental Radiographers
07-5631-20022 Tuberculosis
03-5631-20024 (Video) HIPAA: The Good, the Bad, the Mandated
03-5631-21031 (Video) Risk Management: Empower, Protect, Relax
02-5631-21030 (Video) Risk Management - Dental Recordkeeping and Documentation
02-5631-21032 (video) Sterilization & Disinfection of Instruments
02-5631-21029 (Video) Risk Management - Dental Informed Consent
02-5631-21027 (video) OSHA - Bloodborne Pathogens: Post-Exposure Control Plan
02-5631-20035 HIV/AIDS: Updated Review and Clinical Considerations
02-5631-20001 California: Infection Control
02-5631-20002 California Dental Practice Act
03-5631-20036 Opioid Safety & Pain Management in the Dental Office: New York State Mandated Training
03-5631-19014 Radiography Safety
08-5631-19007 Infection Control: OSHA, Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Comm
02-5631-19006 Recognizing Dental Patients who are Victims of Domestic Violence &/or Sex Trafficking
02-5631-19028 (video) OSHA - Infection Control
03-5631-19025 (Video) Medical Emergencies
01-5631-19023 (video) Globally Harmonized System Training
02-4687-15095 (video) OSHA - Hazard Communications - Globally Harmonized System

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